City Of Euharlee, GA

Welcome To Euharlee, Georgia

On behalf of the City Council, I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for allowing us to serve you. Each and every one of us is sincerely interested in your comments and questions.

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Dennis Thayer
Mayor, City of Euharlee

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Located in Bartow County, in the state of Georgia, USA

Population:3,208 (2000 Census)
4,121 (2007 estimates)

Area: 4.7 square miles

Elevation: 682 ft.

Covered Bridge City

Euharlee's Covered Bridge
Euharlee is home to Georgia's oldest covered bridge.

Plant Bowen

Plant Bowen

The towers you see south of town belong to Plant Bowen, a coal-fired steam-turbine electric generating facility owned by Georgia Power. It ranks third in the nation for net generation (2006).